• Wash, vacuum & chamois
  • Clean inside of the windscreen & outside windows only, gloss tyres (Boot, doorshuts, dash & trim cleaning not included)

The Executive Wash & Wax achieves an executive finish of your vehicle for that regular thorough clean of your car.

  • Special foam hand wash & wax
  • Clean wheels & wheel arches
  • Clean door jams
  • Chamois dry
  • Dress tyres & mudflaps
  • Clean all windows inside & out
  • Clean mirrors
  • Vacuum & deodorise interior

Outstanding care & professional are key words in describing G.A.J Car Grooming's Premier Wash & Wax service. The service, considered by many to be a showroom detail & offers a comprehensive clean & polish inside and out.

  • Special foam hand wash
  • Hand & machine polish
  • Clean wheels & wheel arches
  • Chamois dry
  • Engine degrease & pressure cleaned
  • Bugs & tar spots removed
  • Clean door jams
  • Exterior mirrors polished
  • Dress tyres & mud flaps
  • Exterior & interior trim dressed & detailed
  • Dress & detail dashboard & centre console
  • Clean all windows inside & out
  • Vacuum interior & boot (seats, carpets & ashtrays)
  • Deodorise interior

Which consists of all the Premier Wash & Polish, plus shampoo carpets, seats & mats.

Fabric Protection to seats & carpets $100.00

Paint Protection $400.00

Please Note:

All prices are subject to change and may vary depending on vehicle type (i.e. 4WD's and their condition). All prices include GST.

G.A.J Car Grooming also specialises in detailing heavy vehicles, trucks, prime movers, buses & coaches.

  • Pressure clean & wash exterior, including chassis
  • Chamois dry & polish cab
  • Polish bull bar & chrome fittings
  • Clean windows inside & out
  • Remove all bugs & tar spots
  • Dress all tyres & mudflaps
  • Vacuum interior & seats
  • Dress & detail dashboard & consoles
  • Clean all floor mats
  • Clean jams
  • Deodorise interior

All of the Premier Detail of Buses, plus shampoo seats & carpets, fabric protection seats & carpets.

Please Note:

All prices are subject to change and may vary depending on vehicle type (i.e. 4WD's and their condition). All prices include GST.

Product Description
Autowash A highly concentrated and economical neutral shampoo. Designed for easy rinsing, leaving a ‘streak-free’, gloss protection finish.
Duet A neutral, superior wash and wax product which has an excellent deep cleaning action for removing dirt and traffic film. Leaves a high wax and high gloss finish on paintwork also giving protection against the elements. Ideal for one-step car preparation.
Tiger Plus Extra powerful ‘streak-free’ formulation means no scrubbing is required. Its Surface-Safe formulation will not mark paint, glass or aluminium. Biodegradable and Quick Break.
Tiger Wash A powerful formulation incorporates wax for a streak free, gloss finish. Surface-Safe formulation will not mark paint, glass or aluminium. Biodegradable and Quick Break.
Fleetwash A concentrated vehicle shampoo. The long foam making is ideal for those larger jobs.
Plus 10 Heavy-duty degreaser to remover grease and oils from engines, chassis and transmissions. Plus 10 emulsifies in water for easy rinsing.
G101 General purpose, water based degreaser for all applications.
Ali An acid based cleaner for unlacqured wheels and for remedial wheel cleaning. Ali both cleans and brightens the wheels in one action. HF safe.
Ali King Robust Aluminium and Mag wheel cleaner. Excellent at removing brake dust and red dust from wheels. HF safe.
Heavy Duty Tar Remover A solvent based cleaner for gentle removal of large tar deposits from machinery and metal components.
Preptone Cleans tar, grease and underseal from cars. Suitable for fabrics.
Tardis A fast acting solvent based tar and adhesive remover. Contains emulsifiers so it is easy to rinse off.
G101 An excellent non-acid wheel cleaner, recommended where the use of acids is undesirable.
Traffic Film Removers Any of our traffic film removers, such as Active XL, are excellent general-purpose wheel cleaners for regular, medium duty cleaning.
Bio Brisk A specialist biological cleaner and deodoriser. Bio Brisk digests soiling such as grease, oil protein, fat etc. Ideal for fabrics or carpets. Safely and effectively removes biological soilings and odours including milk, animal smells, blood, urine and vomit. Very effective against nicotine.
Blast Off Very effective general purpose cleaner. Can be used on many areas, including upholstery, carpets and headlinings.
Brisk Low Foam Luxury upholstery and fabric shampoo, containing fabric brighteners, conditioners and biocides to restore appearance and leave a “fresh” smell. Available in aerosol or in bulk for manual or machine use.
Dry Cleaner/ Smart Spot An excellent spot remover for use on fabrics. Evaporates completely and is low odour. Great on grease spots.
G101 A great all-rounder. Use on those difficult to clean areas of the interior, such as head linings door panels and boot lining. Can be used as a deep cleaning fabric cleaner.
Jelsol An aerosol cleaner for removing chewing gum and adhesives from fabrics and glass.
Leather Cleaner An excellent product which is safe and gentle. Doesn’t harden leather or remove colourings. Highly concentrated, so economical to use. Approved by Connolly Brothers.
Leather Supplement A rich cream leather feed designed to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather as new. Helps protect from sunlight.
Glass Clear/Glass Gleam High quality, sprayable glass cleaner, which is the fastest way to glean glass. Ammonia free.
Glass Glow A powerful cream glass polish. Easy to apply and remove, with none of the dusting of inferior formulations.
Water Spot Remover Specialty solvent based product for removal of etch marks on glass.
20/20 A foaming glass cleaner in aerosol, quick and easy to use, and produces smear free, squeaky clean finish. Its non-drip formula makes it perfect for sunroof applications. Ammonia free.
Brilliant Wax Bodyshop Panelshop and paintshop safe. Premium deep gloss wax polish for new and good quality paintwork. Very fast to use.
Cherry Glaze Fastest polish around - just spray or wipe on and buff off. Perfect for PDI or showroom application.
Cut back Excellent for restoring dull and oxidised paintwork by hand. The easiest colour restorer in the market place. Ammonia free.
Mirror Image A premium wax polish for use on used paintwork. Restores, cleans and waxes in one operation, leaving a long lasting shine
New Image Excellent all-round versatility. Recommended for use on new and used paintwork, it cleans and polishes to a high gloss shine in one operation.
Platinum A premium wax polish offering a very high level of UV resistance. Quick and easy to use, Platinum’s advanced polymers bond to the surface, making it weather resistant and giving a long-lasting deep shine.
Paint Protector The Paint Protector contains Flurocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft. Once treated with Silver Seal Paint Protector, traffic film and dust are easily removed from paintwork.
Underbody Protector A sealant applied in a thick coating to the under body. Protecting it from stone chips and moisture penetration. Also reduces noise.
Rustproofing Applied inside doors and body panels protecting the vehicles vital components. Applied in a fine mist, it penetrates seams and joints leaving a flexible protective coating. Locking out moisture and other corrosion forming compounds.
R compound series Each product is fast to use and designed for minimal sling and an excellent finish. The added lubicity within the Restore products eliminates the need to add water, increasing the speed of use.
* R1 Ultra fine polishing compound for light scratches and a fine, high gloss finish.
* R2 Renovating compound for general renovation and one step finish.
* R3 Intensive renovating liquid for deep scratches and oxidised surfaces.
* R6 Heavy duty cutting compound for the removal of oxidised paints.
Rapid Restore White, Rapid Restore Black and Rapid Restore Wool Rapid Restore pads have a unique, diamond design, with more cutting edges than traditional pads. The product is channelled to the paint surface, amplifying cutting performance and reducing the time required to prepare a surface. The contour design allows air to circulate at the cutting edge, creating less heat and reducing the risk of damage.
Microfibre Cloth For maximum performance, use Restore Microfibre Cloth to quickly wipe the car and remove any residue.
Aquashine Versatile all-round dressing for vinyl trim, rubbers and tyres.
Armour Glow Versatile all-round dressing for vinyl trim, rubbers and tyres.
Armour Plus Concentrated vinyl restorer.
Autoblack Water and weather resistant tyre paint for external black rubber and plastic trims. Gives excellent coverage and natural silk finish. Ideal for marked or scuffed rubber.
Spirit Black Metho-based tyre black.
Dash Dandy An aerosol spray, which leaves a dry finish for that original showroom look. Contains plasticiser to maintain the suppleness of vinyl dashboards and trim.
Easy Sheen Top of the range silicone tyre dressing.
Finish A water-based tyre and trim dressing with silicone for both protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, rubber and plastic. High sheen but can be diluted for interior use if a softer sheen is required. Finish is solvent-free and non-flammable.
Krill II A long-life engine lacquer. Designed for under bonnet use, it is non-yellowing and is both oil and heat resistant. Also suitable as a lacquer dressing for bumpers.
Long Life Rubber Dressing A lasting dressing which leaves a dry finish. Designed for good condition tyres and rubbers. Excellent weather resistance.
Non Silicone High Style Our most versatile non-silicone dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish on tyres, vinyl and plastics- inside and out.
Rubber Dressing An economical rubber dressing to both clean and restore all rubber trims to an "as new" appearance. Silicone and solvent free.
Silicone Dressing Silicone dressing for all external rubbers and tyres.
Silicone Spray A medium to high gloss silicone spray aerosol dressing with a choice of pleasant fragrances. Ideal for all interior vinyl and plastic trim.
Smart Dash Aerosol dressing that instantly restores the appearance of interior trim. Use on wood, vinyl, chrome, bumpers etc.
Tango A versatile spray cleaner and dressing, Tango polishes out soiling on door shuts, under bonnet and boot areas etc. Apply diluted Tango with a sponge to a car’s paintwork and then rinse off with a pressure washer for an excellent speed wax and dressing in one action.
Treads Water based tyre and chassis black.
Tyre Dandy A tyre foam which is the fastest way to clean and restore colour to tyres. Leaves a durable, waterproof high sheen finish. 20-30 tyres from one aerosol.
Vinyl Shield Instantly rejuvenates exterior rubber and vinyl whilst leaving a waterproof long-lasting finish. Economical in use, solvent free.
Autofresh A variety of pleasant fragrances to eliminate stale odours. Long lasting, will not stain or mark vehicle interior. Available in bulk or aerosol.
Biobrisk Often masking a smell is not sufficient, you need to eliminate the source of the odour. Biobrisk is a specialist cleaner and deodoriser, which digests biological soiling and odours including milk, animal smells, blood, urine and vomit.
Hanging Air Freshener In the shape of a wooden leaf, the pack contains 10 leaves and a bottle of fragrance oil. This enables the leaf to be recharged with fragrance when needed, ensuring the car always smells fresh. 10 fragrances are available.
Air Freshner Granules Scented granules, ideal for use in ashtrays. Gives a long lasting fragrance, masking stale odours. Different fragrances are available.
Pear Drops Concentrated neutraliser, instantly effective against lingering odours. Pleasant long lasting fragrance.
Wash Accessories We have a range of specialised sponges, designed specifically for car preparation. We also supply chamois leathers – both real and synthetic, window squeegees and a wide range of other wash accessories.
Cloth When polishing a car, the choice of cloth can have as much impact on the final finish as the choice of polish. It is important to select the right type of cloth for the results required. Whether you require a high quality, lint-free polishing cloth that is guaranteed not to scratch the vehicle or a body shop safe cloth, which can be recycled, we can help you select the right cloth for you.
Microfibre Cloth G.A.J Car Grooming’s MicroClean FibreOptic cloth (for light-duty and glass cleaning) and complete MicroClean cloth (for heavy-duty and general purpose) are ideal accessories for use with many of our products. Their static charge (dry) and capillary action (wet), give fantastic results, quickly and easily.
Paper Rolls & Wipes An extensive selection of paper and dispensers is available from you G.A.J Car Grooming distributor, who will happily recommend the best paper for your needs.
Protective Clothing & Safety Items We have a wide selection of goggles, gloves, gauntlets, ear-plugs, respirators and filter cartridges available – and much more. We will gladly advise you on what is best for you and your team.
Protective Covers We have a wide range of floor mats and seat covers to protect your car interior.
Machines We can advise on the best cleaning equipment for all of your needs.
Brushes A wide range of brushes for specific applications, such as dog hair removal brushes, alloy wheel brushes and upholstery brushes.
Dressing Sponge The G.A.J Car Grooming dressing sponge makes dressing quicker and easier, whilst preventing chemical overuse. Designed to work with all G.A.J Car Grooming dressings – for both interior and exterior car preparation – it is made from a material which is both hard wearing and provides optimum absorbency. This makes it easy to distribute dressings evenly across the surface, giving a perfect finish. It also helps to ensure economical use of the chemical. Its unique ergonomic design ensures that it is excellent for getting into all the nooks and crannies found in your car, yet extremely easy to handle and manipulate.
Polishing Sponge The G.A.J Car Grooming polishing sponge is designed to get optimum results from our polish range. Makes polish application easier and gives an even spread – making it more economical in use.
Additional Accessories A wide range of other accessories is also available including sunscreen and steel wool. Ask your distributor about any accessories not listed in this brochure.
Applicators & Dispensers We offer a full range of applicators and dispensers, including sprayers, mini-jets, specialised polishing sponges, buffing pads, polish pads, chemical mixers and buffing machines. Each is designed for use with G.A.J Car Grooming products and will help to control your consumption and reduce your costs.